Saturday, January 31, 2009

Animal Shelter

As some might know, I have been working with the DeSoto Parish Police Jury for the last 8 months or so, researching a proposal for an animal shelter for the parish. Our Committee has worked diligently over the past few months, and have finally received approval from the jury to allocate $700,000 to build the facility. I have taken this wonderful opportunity to get involved in the community, network with government officials and start looking for the future economic development of where I live, it is very enlightening. I have been blessed that even though I gripe occasionally about my current job, (running a convenience store & restaurant), it has it's perks. If I worked anywhere else, I would not have the luxury to work on projects like this and learn the things I have learned. However, in the last few weeks we have had some major roadblocks that we have been hurdling and in the middle of it all the press started to get wind of it. Lately, I have had several quotes in the local papers, sometimes without my knowledge, but it's funny to read how the media spins things. And just last week I did a news interview about the shelter, and again the media misquote me. However, it has gotten the attention of alot of people in the surrounding parishes and now people are coming out of the woodworks to help us. I am learning very valuable lessons when it concerns media and politics, and if anybody has any tips on dealing with them, I am all ears, LOL!! Anyway, I have included a link of the news clip if interested, and just let me say it was not portrayed in the positive light that I would have liked, but as I said it did get some attention!


  1. Well, congratulaions!!! I have been checking to see if you were adding anything, & mainly have been disapointed not to find anything. But, tonight was different. Glad to see that you found time to let everyone know what has been keeping you busy for the last few months.
    We hope you have alot of good luck & positive results.

    Have a good time in New Orleans, & come back with plenty of pictures that you can post. We will be waiting to hear about your trip & how you did on your first trip in your camper.

    Love ya

  2. Congratulations on the animal shelter! That's a HUGE task to undertake. Sounds like you're getting some thick skin learning to take the media with a grain of salt. Good luck!
    Aunt Lori