Sunday, February 1, 2009

Monster Nation

A few weeks ago a friend of mine gave us free tickets to go and see the Monster Trucks at the CenturyTel Center. Shelby was so excited to go, suprisingly, so off we headed. We got there and met up with some of Brian's family, we had a blast. Next time we will remember to bring our ear plugs, I think our ears were still ringing the next day. Pictured above: Travis Chelette (Brian's brother), Brian, Jim Poche (Brian's Cousin and no relation if anyone is wondering), Emily Dublieux (Jim's Fiance'), Shelby, Shannon Harris (Brian's Cousin), Kaley (Shannon & Laura's daughter), Laura Harris, me and down front is Ashton (Jim's son).

Mrs. Claudia and Aunt Wanda these are for you: I actually got them all to look at the camera, it was a one time opportunity I couldn't pass on and Brian is even fully smiling.

The 3 Chelette grandkids, Shelby, Kaley and Ashton.

The red headed granddaughters, having a great time waiting for the show to start.

These are two pics that Shelby had on her camera she wanted me to add to the blog.

Shelby and Brian acting like Barbarian's.

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